For the safety, health and comfort community, our health units will be completing the residences facility. This units can range from a health unit room staffed by an experience senior nurse or paramedic, to an in house clinics staffed by full-time physicians with access to expertise team such as specialist doctor, emergency team, and referral hospital net working. It is supported by information and technology staff, administration staff and quality assurance staff. The units it self is tailored made as the client need and the size of organization.

Health unit services

  • Curative / promotive / preventive / rehabilitative
  • Referral administration & arrangement
  • Travel health escort services
  • Independent medical opinion
  • Emergency preparedness
  • First Aid Training
  • Health screening programs
  • Educational / training programs

Work ship scheme

  • Outsource
  • All services (including system)
  • Medical staff only
  • Curative clinic
  • Membership


  • Health and safety units as the residences facility.
  • Commercial value.