Health Surveillance Program (MCU)
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Health screening of workers often used to assess suitability for work and to attempt to reduce worker ill-health.
The success of screening programs as part of the various preventive strategies will depend not only on the type of procedure chosen but also on what the objectives of the screening are, and whether the criteria which constitute the basis for a good program are followed.

Types of Screening Examinations

  • Pre employment
  • Periodic
  • Post-sickness
  • Post-incident
  • Post-employment
  • Pre-placement

Program Contents

  • Questionnaires
  • Clinical examination
  • Diagnostic test
  • Organ function assessments e.g. lung function test, audiometric test Biological monitoring (tissue levels of absorbed environment agents or their breakdown products) e.g. blood lead Fit for the job analyzes


      1. Resources
    Dedicated qualified medical team and administration staff. Held a highest standard need by health screening purposes, periodically train, long worth experience and all the activity is assisted, supervised and technical advised by senior manager.
      1. System
    The system is using the standards and procedures for each activity and during the screening time is monitored to assure the compliance.
      1. Equipment and medicine
    The Medical check up equipment are standardized and routines calibration from BFK to assure the validity data.
      1. Record and report
    MCU record process is supported by specific MCU program to minimize the human error and the report will send to client both in individual hardcopy and soft copy recapitulation. MCU result analyzed will be given by OH doctor for HSE and HR need.