Everything in business depends on people. The best designed and constructed unit is no good without a good crew

There are a number of challenges concerning control of operations and the hazards associated with them

Biological and / or environment monitoring and Indoor air quality are needed to ensure the work place is health and safe for the employee

  • Scope of the Measurements
  • Indoor Air Quality monitoring
  • Electricity monitoring
  • Biological monitoring
  • Environment monitoring
  • Scope of the Measurements/Activities
  • Research
  • Monitoring
  • Assessment
  • The systematic flow monitoring process
  • Presentation
  • Contract
  • Site survey ( risk assessment)
  • Monitoring process ( based on the need)
  • Report (result)
  • Occupational Health & safety recommendation
  • The expert Qualification

Activities Related to Measurements and Monitoring will be done by the Experts from the national institute and using the international guidelines based on the industries

  • Instrumentation

High quality, dedicated and calibration certificated equipment for each type monitoring

  • Secure Databases

All the data used is computerized, with specific software developed by the Ministry of Health, man Power, Local government and international guidance (NIOSH, OSHA, TLVsTM, ACGIH) based on the industries. And the confidentially result data is guarantee secure by law The monitoring activity quality assurance The systematic flow process, high quality equipment and dedicated person using a qualified computerizing result analyze

  • The Price

the fees standard will be special tailored made designed regarding the company need as well as the company budget.