Client clinic can range from a health room staffed by an occupational health nurse, to clinics staffed by full-time physicians with access to in-house expertise team such as occupational health physicians, industrial hygienist, safety and environment specialist, information and technology staff, administration staff and quality assurance staff. The clinic will be tailored made as the client need and the size of organization.


  • Curative
  • Emergency response for accident or illness problem
  • Daily out patient treatment
  • In patient or referral case management
  • Promotive
  • Class training, health promotion media
  • Preventive
  • Vaccination, Medical Check-Up
  • Rehabilitations
  • Return to work post accident or illness
  • Acclimatization program


    • Resources

Dedicated qualified doctor, nurse, paramedic, midwife and administration staff. Held a highest standard need by company clinic, long worth experience and periodically supervise and technical advisor by senior manager.

    • System

The system is using the standards and procedures for each activity and periodically monitors to assure the compliance with them.

    • Equipment and medicine

The equipment and medicine are provided based on standard and company policy. The human resources are periodically train and the doctor having the "malpractice insurance".

    • Record and report

Record and report process is supported by hardware, software, technical support and training, and dedicated qualified administration staff.