Training is recognized as an essential element for any effective safety and health program. For Office ergonomics, the overall goal of training is to enable managers, supervisors, and employees to identify aspects of job tasks that may increase a worker s risk of developing work related Musculo skeletal disorders , recognize the signs and symptoms of the disorders, and participate in the development of strategies to control or prevent them.


  • To assist employers and employees in recognizing and controlling potential ergonomic hazards.
  • Enable the employees to prevent the Musculo Skeletal Disorders which is a chronic and a very high cost diseases
  • Provide a hazard control recommendation that contain descriptions of specific jobs and that detail the hazards associated with the operation, possible approaches to controlling the hazard, and the effectiveness of each control approach
  • Enable the employers to manage the improvement of ergonomic problem


  • The trainer will discussing policies, special health issues or visiting the company operations to recognize the problem.
  • Introducing the trainee with the ergonomic hazard potential at their own worksite by photograph analyzes.
  • Guiding the trainee to do an ergonomic management.


  • Introduction ergonomic

Introduce the trainee how to make ergonomics as a part of company safety and health program Introduce the trainee what is the benefits of workers involvement

  • Recognize workplace risk factors of ergonomic

Enhance the trainee to recognize the ergonomic risk factor at their own work place

  • Identify tools and techniques that can be used to conduct job analyses.

Enhance the trainee to using the tools to assess the risk factor

  • Musculo skeletal disorders and the prevention

Enhance the trainee to recognize the signs and symptoms of the disorders And what is the prevention that should exist

  • Recommend ways to control ergonomic hazards based on job analyses and pooling ideas from employees, management, and other affected and interested parties.

Enhance the trainee to be the team to manage the ergonomic problem


  • safety and hygiene personnel.
  • health care providers.
  • human resource personnel
  • engineering personnel.
  • maintenance personnel.


  • Ergonomics specialists.
  • Occupational health specialists.
  • Ministry of Man power representative.
  • Others Best practice.


Although we have the fees standard however special design will tailored made regarding the company need as well as the company budget.